• Hope Phelan

Welcome to Over the Mountain Book Mill!

My husband and I have been dreaming of writing and illustrating children's books for a very long time now. Finally we decided to stop dreaming and start doing! As our good friend @LIVINstudio always says, don't talk about about it! So we gave ourselves permission to go for it and Over the Mountain Book Mill was created.

The birth of our baby boy this year really helped give us the nudge we needed to start writing and illustrating stories that we want to share with him. Every Monday morning we brainstorm ideas together, start working on rhymes and drawing characters as a family. It's been a lot of fun so far and we are so pleased that you are coming along for the journey!

Right now we have two books published featuring our two beautiful rescue pups!

Bandit Runs Boston and A Snow Day for Lola

Coming soon is our first true husband/wife collaboration titled "Why Tie-dye?!" about our life in rural Vermont. Below is Patrick drawing the first two pages and me adding color to the last page.

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